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Subtle textured crochet cushion cover

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I made this cushion cover using the free modern romantic cushion pattern from One Little Rayndrop . It’s a lovely easy pattern to follow, being just a 4 row repeat involving double, treble and double treble crochet (UK). But this simple pattern results in quite  a sophisticated looking fabric.

I was replacing the original cover on an unusual sized cushion (50cm x 40cm) and I used a different yarn and hook too, so I had to change the pattern a bit which was trial and error! Luckily, this pattern is quite forgiving.

I used a 4mm hook with 6 balls of Drops Safran combed cotton in shade 21 beige, and had about half a ball leftover. I did 79 chain (77 stitches) for the first side, and reduced this to 73 chain (71 stitches) for the other side, when I realised it was looking a bit big. My finished cover ended up about 52 x 42 cm, but a smaller size would have stretched to fit.  I’d say 67-71 stitches each side would be good for a snug fit, as the cotton will stretch a bit with use.

I wasn’t too keen on the yarn shade at first. I bought it online without seeing it, which is never ideal. I had wanted a stony beige colour, but this is a warmer colour, more on the slightly peachy, rose gold side of beige. It’s still very neutral though, and the yarn was lovely to crochet with at a nice price. I managed to get it on sale which made the cushion cover cost under €10. It’s well worth keeping an eye on the Garn Studio Drops website, as they have great sales on some yarn types for certain months of the year.

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