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Rainbow scrap blanket knitting & crochet patterns

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Is your yarn stash getting out of control? If so, a multicoloured scrap blanket is a great way to use up leftover wool while making something unique and special.

The great thing about throw patterns is that gauge doesn’t matter much. So you are not limited to patterns in say 4 ply or aran weight. Just pick your favourite design & then use the right needle or hook size for your yarn & adapt the size a bit if needed.

Think about whether you want a portable project made in squares (or sometimes strips), or a one piece blanket – big & heavy by the end but no assembly!

Heads up: you usually only need a small amount of each colour for scrap blanket patterns, BUT you may need a large amount of a neutral shade to tie it together. So you might need to buy more yarn to use up your stash – any excuse, right? πŸ˜€

Scroll down for my favourite rainbow stash blanket patterns to knit & crochet or use these quick links:

Scrap Blankets made from Squares Joined Together

Bear’s Rainbow Blanket crochet pattern by Purl Soho

Bear's rainbow blanket
Bear’s rainbow crochet blanket (Purl Soho) modified with just diagonal holes

If you like making granny squares, you will love this free pattern!

A crochet square blanket makes a great portable project. You can make a square anywhere, in next to no time. So if life is hectic, you can get your crochet fix in short bursts  & have the satisfaction of always making progress.

Just be aware that it can take a LOT of time to block your squares and join them altogether. I’d suggest weaving ends as you go & not leaving all the blocking until the end to save your sanity. πŸ™‚

If you don’t want to make a multicoloured blanket, Purl Soho give lots of palette suggestions for more sophisticated, tonal versions too.

The picture above shows the slightly modified version I made as a baby gift which just had diagonal holes instead of the patterned centres in the original pattern.

Get Bear’s Rainbow Blanket pattern (free)

Triangles, Diamonds & Squares, Oh My! blanket knitting pattern by Grace Akhrem

TDS blanket - Copyright Grace Akhrem
Β© Grace Akhrem – Triangle, Diamonds and Squares, Oh My! knitted blanket pattern

I’m knitting this blanket on and off throughout 2020 to use up my merino 4 ply stash & leftovers.

This clever pattern is made up of squares knit in 2 colours which look like 2 triangles. The wrap and turn technique is used to form the triangles. Otherwise it’s simple garter stitch all the way!

These basic shapes give a multitude of design layout options for your blanket. The pattern gives several suggestions including pinwheel (shown above), chevrons, herringbone & flying geese arrangements. Or you can experiment & create your own custom blanket design. It’s so versatile!

Get the Triangles, Diamonds & Squares, Oh My! pattern

One Piece Stash Blanket Patterns

Diamond Stitch Blanket crochet pattern by Happy in Red

Diamond stitch blanket draped over chair
Happy in Red Diamond Stitch Blanket

This free pattern is really easy to follow & is great for using up even the smallest amounts of yarn.

I was lucky enough to get an Opal Sock Yarn advent calendar one year & decided to use all the mini skeins to make the unique blanket shown above that still brings me joy. πŸ™‚

The mini skeins were variegated in all sorts of ways which just added to the random, multicoloured effect. So if you just have a big bag of yarn scraps and leftovers, this blanket could be perfect for you.

This blanket is crocheted in one piece. So there’s no seaming but I would recommend weaving in ends as you go – take it from someone who didn’t!

If you make a large blanket, the final border will take FOREVER but it’s well worth it. I remember trying out a few different edgings at the time. A good border makes all the difference.

Get the Diamond Stitch Blanket pattern (free)

Bits & Bobs knitted blanket pattern by Kay F Jones

Bits & Bobs knitted blanket
Β© Kay F Jones – Bits & Bobs knitted blanket pattern

I haven’t got around to making this pattern yet, but it will happen someday! This super squishy knitted blanket looks like brioche stitch but isn’t.

The idea is to use 2 different 4 ply yarns together to give an unusual watercolour effect, but you could use the same yarn doubled, or just one strand of thicker wool if you like.

The pattern also includes 5 video tutorials explaining all the techniques.

Get the Bits & Bobs Blanket pattern

I hope these patterns have inspired you to do some serious stash busting. πŸ™‚ You can make use of even your smallest leftovers & end up with your own one of a kind blanket to treasure forever.

I’ve odd balls of wool in every cupboard at this stage,  so if you know of any other creative ways to use up your stash, let me know! πŸ™‚

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