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Make beautiful Lego flowers: Flower Bouquet set review

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Lego has moved on a lot from the iconic simple bricks we played with as children. There’s a whole new world of cool Lego arts and crafts sets for adults.

I got the Lego flower bouquet set as a Christmas gift and loved making it. So much so that I’ve now got a bunch of Lego botanicals sets. But this first one is still a fave.

Lego Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet set (10280)

The Lego flower bouquet set comes in a fine big box. This is lego for adults: there’s even age 18+ on the box. Inside, there’s a mix of clear plastic bags of lego pieces, numbered 1-3 and an 80 page instruction booklet.

Unboxing the Lego flower bouquet set

No Lego experience required

If you haven’t made any lego since you were a child, or perhaps were never into it at all, don’t be put off. You don’t need to know anything about Lego to make these flowers.

In fact, the bouquet is not even made from regular lego bricks. There’s all sorts of pieces involved: big and small, basic and ornate. Some are specially designed pieces unique to Lego botanical collection sets.

So this isn’t really like making traditional Lego at all & you don’t need any prior knowledge. You just follow the instruction booklet a page at a time. It’s over 60 pages, but that’s only because there are step by step diagrams on every page.

If you like doing any arts or crafts, you could love making Lego flowers. It’s very relaxing and meditative to just sit a while and focus on putting the bits and pieces together, one after another, step by step. Before you know it, you’ve made a pretty flower.

Close up of orange Californian poppy from lego flower bouquet
Lego poppy in progress

Making the Lego flower bouquet

I made a couple of lego flowers at a time instead of building the full bouquet in one go. It’s nice & relaxing to just do a bit whenever you feel like it. It also feels like you get a bit longer out of the set, instead of it being all over in one day.

The lego pieces & instructions are divided into 3 sections, with 5 flowers or pieces of foliage to make in each. The colours are rich, bright and varied – a feast for the eyes. There’s an interesting mix of piece shapes and sizes too.

Lego pieces from flower bouquet set (10280)
Lego pieces from section 2 of flower bouquet set, which makes a poppy, 2 snapdragons & 2 bushy stems.

The flowers vary in complexity to make. The bushy green stems and long leaf foliage are quick and easy to make. The daisies, roses & poppy have a bit more involved. Finally, the snapdragons, lavender and aster are the most intricate and fiddly. The last flower you build has over 60 tiny pieces to assemble to make its delicate petals. But the end result is stunning.

The instruction booklet shows you how to make each flower step by step. There is no text but big diagrams on every page. It’s printed on black paper though and a few pictures would be easier to make out on a light background instead.

I also thought that a few of the separate steps were overkill and could have been combined, whereas a couple of steps could have done with more explanation and viewing angles. I was able to work out what to do by looking at the close up pictures of each flower at the start of the instruction booklet and on the box.

Close up of Lego aster flower
The lego aster flower petals have over 60 small pieces

Arranging the Lego flowers

I enjoyed arranging my finished Lego flowers & still tweak them here and there a few weeks on. It’s quite therapeutic actually!

Heads up: some of the lego flowers are a bit delicate though – just like real flowers. They feel sturdy when you make them, apart from the lavender stalks and flowers. But if you go fine tuning your arrangement, the odd rose petal can come off, or a bit of leaf or snapdragon can fall down into your vase. You think it’s easy to just move one stem elsewhere, but it’s a bit like playing Jenga!

The first vase I tried was too tall, so I arranged my flowers in a dark tinted glass 8 inch vase instead. I feel a clear glass narrow vase could work even better, but there’s lots of styling options. It’s lovely that you can make your own unique lego flower arrangement just how you want it.

You could even get creative and modify some of the flowers and foliage to make your own bespoke bouquet. My only change was to make a few of the stems slightly shorter or longer to change the height of particular flowers to make the arrangement look more pleasing to my eye.

lego flower bouquet arrangments

Do the Lego flowers come with a vase?

No the Lego bouquet 10280 kit does not come with a vase, but you can display your lego flowers in any vase. Vases around 8 inches (20cm) tall with an opening of at most 4 inches (10 cm) wide work best. If you use a wider vase, the Lego flowers tend to fall towards the sides leaving gaps and are harder to keep in position. If you use a taller vase, some of the shorter flowers can slip down and get lost in the display.

Lego flower vase ideas

Here are some examples of affordable vases which should work well for displaying the Lego flower bouquet (kit 10280). They’re all 8 inches tall approx with 3-4 inch openings.

How tall are the Lego flowers?

Lego flowers are similar in size to real flowers. The flowers vary in length from 12-16 inches (30-40cm) approx. The daisies are 12 inches (30 cm), the aster is around 13 inches & the longer lavender stem is 16 inches. The rose heads are about 2.75 inches (7 cm) in diameter.

What size is the Lego flower bouquet?

The lego flower bouquet height is approx. 16 inches (40cm) tall. The exact height will depend on how you arrange them and the vase used.
When displayed in a vase with a 4 inch opening, the 10 flowers make an 8-9 inch diameter bouquet. The bouquet dimensions can be wider with the 5 pieces of foliage included, depending on how you arrange that.

What kind of flowers are in the Lego bouquet?

There are 6 types of flowers in the Lego bouquet. You get pastel peach roses, pink snapdragons, common daisies, lavender, a lilac aster and an orange Californian poppy. You also get 2 types of foliage: long leaves and another type with a bushy top.

How many flowers are in the Lego flower bouquet?

There are 15 stems in the Lego flower bouquet: 10 flowers and 5 pieces of foliage. You get 3 roses, 2 snapdragons, 2 daisies, a lavender stem, an aster and a Californian poppy. There are also 3 long leaves & 2 bushy foliage stems.

How long does it take to build the Lego flower bouquet?

The Lego flower bouquet takes 2-3 hours to build. The set and instructions are divided in 3 sections, so it is easy to break it up and do it in stages if you wish.
I decided to build it a bit at a time instead of all at once. It’s relaxing to make a few flowers here and there and it made the set last a bit longer.

Why are Lego flowers 18+?

Lego are marketing certain sets to an adult market now. This set is part of the Lego Creator Experts range which includes more advanced sets, with many targeted at adults. You don’t need to be 18 to make Lego flowers though.

Modern Lego has expanded into several different types, moving far beyond the famous rectangular bricks in children’s toys. Lego has also branched out into home decor with pictures and plant sets to build for those interested in arts and crafts.

While these sets are more likely to appeal to grown ups, older children could easily build them and younger kids could even help out too. The lego flower bouquet comes in 3 sections, so it is easy to divide up for multiple people to make together.

Lego flowers can be fun for all the family to make or an ideal way to chill out and enjoy some quality me-time.

Where to buy the Lego Flower Bouquet set (10280)?

You can buy the Lego Flower Bouquet set direct from Lego (& collect reward points), now priced at $59.95 (February 2024), which is still good value for lego. It’s also available from Amazon where you may get a better deal if you’re lucky.

If you’re looking for a quirky and original Valentines or anniversary gift Lego flowers are perfect. Plus they will last forever instead of just a week.

I really enjoyed making my Lego flowers and seeing them everyday makes me smile. I love finding new crafty things to do & am now hooked on Lego botanicals sets.

As of February 2024, I’m building the newer Wildflower bouquet set (10313), and also have Lego succulents and a bonsai tree in my growing collection.

Have you got back into Lego as an adult? Do you get creative and build your own designs? I’d love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below.

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