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Crochet teddy bear patterns

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Crochet teddy bears have a lovely old school charm to them. There are loads of patterns available, but I was surprised at how difficult it was to find a decent crochet teddy bear pattern that turned out well.

The best  pattern I found was in one of my favourite crochet books Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench. The last pattern in the book is for Monty & Priscilla, 2 adorable teddy bears in baby pink and blue made with double knitting weight yarn.

I found this pattern easy to follow and made the 2 smaller bears in the photo above. For the dark wine bear, I followed the pattern exactly. For the beige bear, I made a couple of modifications. Instead of making the arms and legs identical, I made a foot end for each leg. I have written up the leg pattern changes I made here. I also omitted the slip stitch at the end of each round when making the body, because this had resulted in a diagonal line up the back of the body which I wasn’t keen on – that could be just down to my lack of crochet know how though ! 🙂

The large bear in the photo above was made using a free pattern I found on the Crochet World website. I used 2 100g balls of Wendy Traditional Aran wool which I found a bit firm and scratchy, but that worked well for the large bear because it made him sturdy rather than floppy. The pattern is designed so that the bear’s arms and legs move, but I found that the limbs did not really look part of the bear that way. He’s quite a large bear and the large limbs just hung off him, so I decided to stitch them on properly to the body instead. So Mr Bear won’t be going anywhere, but he looks happy sitting where he is. 🙂

Rico also have a lovely Bruno Bear pattern for a multi coloured teddy bear which is available as a complete kit – read my review here.

There are *lots* of other crochet teddy bear patterns in all shapes and sizes at Crochet Pattern Central but the 2 above were the best traditional/old fashioned bear patterns I could find.

I finished off all my crochet teddy bears with a scarf to keep them warm. I just did 4 treble crochet UK (double crochet US) stitches until it was about the length of 2 hands.

Teddy bears are a great way to use up your stash.  Any yarn will do really. It doesn’t even have to match the weight in the pattern – it’s just that your bear will be a bit bigger or smaller. I made my first prototype wine bear in an old ball of acrylic from my stash, whereas the other small beige bear was made with luxury yarn from darkest Peru (just like Paddington bear!) but they both turned out just as well and are the best of friends. 🙂

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  1. I made a teddy bear similar to your 2 smaller bears but i lost the instructions, i clicked your link but it says that it no longer exists 🙁

  2. I purchased the Cute and Easy Crochet book, but I really like the way you crocheted the feet and legs on your version. Would you be willing to share your how- to on the way you modified the legs? I’ll purchase instructions from you, if need be! Thank you.


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