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Free Crochet Daisy Coaster Pattern

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Here’s a free, quick and easy crochet flower pattern you can make in minutes.

While they make cute coasters, you can also use them for all sorts of projects. Brighten up a bag or give a boring blanket instant flower power by attaching these easy crochet appliqué flowers.

With just 5 rounds to crochet, they’re a great way to use up yarn scraps. You only need small amounts of 2 colours.

What you Need

  • 4mm (size G or 6 US) crochet hook
  • Small amount of worsted or aran weight yarn in 2 colours (see note below for using other yarn weights)
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

Finished flower size: 4.5 inches or 11.5 cm approx.

Crochet Flowers with Any Yarn

I used Rico Creative Cotton Aran (which crochets like light worsted for me) in shades 63 light yellow, 64 candy pink and 37 sky blue. Close substitute cottons include Paintbox Cotton Aran and Scheepjes Cahlista.

Tension is not important here so you can use any weight yarn, with its recommended hook size or smaller. Your flower will just be slightly smaller with DK or 4ply yarn, and a bit bigger with chunky or bulky yarn.

If making a coaster, I suggest using a hook a couple of sizes smaller than the size recommended on the ball band so your flower is firm and not too floppy.


NB this pattern uses US crochet terms. The equivalent UK crochet stitches are listed in the abbreviation list to help you convert the pattern.

  • R – round
  • yoh – yarn over/around hook
  • st – stitch(es)
  • ch – chain
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • sc – single crochet stitch (UK: double crochet)
  • htr – half treble crochet stitch (UK: half double crochet)
    yoh, hook into st, yoh and pull all loops through

Crochet Daisy Coaster & Appliqué Pattern

Crochet a cute flower in minutes with this quick & easy pattern.

Total time approx: 30 minutes

Step 1: Crochet a Circle

How your crochet flower centre looks after binding off after round 3

Use colour 1 for the centre of the flower.
R1: Starting with a magic ring, make 6 sc into the ring [6 st]
R2: 2 sc in each st. [12 st]
R3: (2 sc in st, sc in next st) x 6 times. [18 st]
Bind off colour 1.

Step 2: Crochet Spokes

After round 4, you have 9 skinny spokes coming out of your circle

Crochet 9 long skinny strips coming out of your circle like spokes on a bicycle wheel as follows:

Join colour 2 at any stitch on your circle other than where you ended R3.
R4 – Spoke 1:
Sl st in next stitch, ch 6, skip the 1st ch and sc in the top loop only of the other 5 chains. Sl st in the same stitch as the previous sl st and then sl st in the next stitch.

Now repeat all this for the rest of the round, so that you end up with 9 spokes.

Step 3: Crochet Petals

Finally, crochet around each spoke to turn it into a petal. For the first side, working up the spoke, crochet into the bottom loops left from the chains added in R4.

R5 – Petal 1:
Skip sl st & sc into the next 2 bottom loops left from the chains in R4. The first loop can be tricky to see so count all 6 chains before you start if unsure.
Next htr into the next 3 bottom chain loops.
Do 3 sc into the chain loop across the top of the spoke.
Now working down the other side of the spoke, htr in the next 3 sc & sc in the next 2 sc.
Skip the next sl st and sl st in the next sl st.

Note: there are 3 sl st between petals. You do a sl st in the middle one & skip the ones either side.

Repeat all this for the rest of the round, so that you have 9 petals. Bind off and weave in ends.

Step 4: Blocking (optional)

Blocking is recommended for coasters or if you want your flower to lay flat.

Soak your flower briefly, squeeze out the excess water and spread it out on a baking cooling rack or similar so air can flow underneath. Check the petals all have a nice shape and leave it to dry overnight.

Glass on top of crochet flower coaster beside aloe vera plant
This crochet daisy flower makes a cute coaster

I hope you enjoy making this free crochet daisy flower pattern and find it easy to follow.
Got any questions or feedback? Please leave a comment below.

This free pattern is for personal, non-commercial use only. It may not be copied, sold, translated or distributed in any way, nor any finished items made using it sold, without permission.

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