Adding foot shaping to Monty & Priscilla Bear crochet pattern

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I blogged before about making teddy bears using the Monty & Priscilla Bear pattern from the book Cute & Easy Crochet. I modified the pattern to add a proper foot at the end of each leg and I’ve been asked to explain this, so here goes:

Revised Teddy Bear leg pattern (UK crochet terms)

Round 1:
Chain 10
1 double crochet (DC) in 2nd chain
1 DC in next 7 chains
3 DC in next chain (this will become the toe end of the foot)
Now, working back along the opposite side of the chains (into the little loops left under each DC) make 1 DC in next 7
Finally, do 2 DC in the last chain loop
[20 stitches]

how to start the crochet leg

Round 2:
2 DC in first stitch
1 DC in next 7 stitches
2 DC in next 3 stitches
DC in next 7 stitches
2 DC in next 2 stitches
[26 stitches]

Round 3: 
1 DC around

Round 4:
1 DC in first 9 stitches
Double crochet 2 together (DC2TOG) 4 times. Just go into the front loop of each stitch when decreasing to leave less of a gap.
1 DC in next 9 stitches
[22 stitches]

Progress after round 2 and 4 of leg

Round 5:
1 DC in first 5 stitches
DC2TOG 5 times
1 DC in next 7 stitches
[17 stitches]

Round 6:
1 DC in first 7 stitches
1 DC in next 8 stitches
[16 stitches]

This completes the foot and you can now complete the rest of the leg as per the original pattern, by simply continuing to do rounds of double crochet until the leg measures 12 cm.

The top of this post shows how the foot should look after round 6, and here’s a picture with the first 3 rounds of standard double crochet added:

Teddy bear leg

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